Newborn Baby Portraits

My newborn baby photography sessions are all about relaxing, feeling comfortable and easing into the session to see where it takes us. A lot will depend on how your baby is feeling, so we work around your babies needs and we always find ways of capturing natural, scrumptious images of you and your gorgeous newborn. If you have older children as well, then I encourage you to get all the family involved in the photographs as well as keeping some quiet time just to focus on your baby.

Home or Outdoor setting

My preferred location for a relaxed newborn baby photoshoot is at your home. It is where you and your baby feel most comfortable and we can use your familiar surroundings to create lovely spots to take the images. It is not important for your house to be all tidy before I turn up, we can move things around as we decide where we would like to take the photos and generally we do not need a great deal of space. Where you have windows and it is bright enough, I like to use natural light, but if the day is not so sunny, then I will have alternative lighting with me. If you have a garden and would like to include some outdoor photographs, then we can incorporate this within the session too.

Alternatively, if the weather is nice and warm enough for a newborn baby, we can take the whole photo session to your favourite park!

Your newborn baby photography session lasts up to two hours – this allows plenty of time for us to take lots of lovely photographs, for feeding, changing nappies, cuddles with your baby and cups of tea! After the shoot, you will receive a memory stick of the best images from the day within two or three weeks of the shoot – ready for printing, framing, and distributing to family.